Keita Juma "Come Over" (ft. Brendan Philip) on Exclaim! TV

Keita Juma 'Come Over' (ft. Brendan Philip) on Exclaim! TV
Born in Bristol and based in Toronto, Keita Juma's music is a fusion of sounds from both cities; he blends England's moody electronic with influences of West Coast and southern hip-hop, resulting in dark futurist beats. The rapper and producer has four releases under his belt, including last year's Peephole/Beach LP and his most recent mix, Chaos Theory, which features fellow Toronto rappers Progress and Brendan Philip. Juma and Philip met us at Toronto's Super Wonder Gallery to perform their track "Come Over" on Exclaim! TV.

The two stand in front of a projected background; the surreal visuals are accompanied by pulsing electro beats, generating an ultra-intense atmosphere. Juma levels it out with dark and lax rhymes, while Philip interjects with equally brooding verses. The blend of electronic rhythm and grim, provocative rhyme results in a new, experimental sound that you can hear in the clip below.

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Filmed by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Katherine Kwan
Filmed at Toronto's Super Wonder Gallery

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