​Kandle Stands Up for Women in "Nobody Wants You Now" Video

​Kandle Stands Up for Women in 'Nobody Wants You Now' Video
Following the release of last year's Holy Smoke, Kandle has treated album cut "Nobody Wants You Now" to a matching video.
The song's message is simple — it's a call to hold men accountable for their actions, refusing to let famous abusers continue to reap the rewards of their fame despite despicable actions.
"With high profile men continuing to deny, minimize and whine about their pariah status, it's the perfect time to emphasize that they have no right to resume their lives as if they hadn't damaged and forever altered so many women's lives," Kandle explained in a statement. "When the foundation of power is built on exploitation, abuse, privilege and dominance, it's neither earned nor deserved in the first place."
She does have hope that it's possible to move forward and correct past behaviour, though.
"Yes, forgiveness and redemption are possible under three conditions," she continues. "First, acknowledge the harm suffered by victims and demonstrate that you understand it. Next, undertake to try to repair that harm on the victim's terms. And last, engage in a deep process of self-examination and demonstrate reformed character. But entitlement to your old position of power and privilege? No. Continuing to deny the experiences of women amounts to re-victimization."
The accompanying video was directed by Emma Higgins, and features performances by Allegra Christie, Nadia Khashan, Jay Krakower, Luis De Filippis and Khyra Galloway.
Watch the video for "Nobody Wants You Now" below.