Kandle "Sweet Dreams" (video)

Kandle 'Sweet Dreams' (video)
BC singer-songwriter and former Blue Violets member Kandle Osborne dropped her last name and her debut solo album In Flames this year, and now she's delivered a video for album cut "Sweet Dreams."

The clip will give you anything but what the song's title implies — it's a Halloween-themed video, complete with creepy dolls and bedsheet ghosts as Kandle sings "The dead have come to get me."

Osborne directed and edited the clip herself and released the following statement:

I shot this video after a series of sleepless nights in my family's century-old home. Over the years numerous guests claimed to have had run ins with the supernatural — from my grandmother refusing to sleep over due to ghost sightings, to my sister's sleep paralysis and night terrors. Whatever it was or whoever they are, they were there when I had a sleepover with my best friend last month so naturally we asked them to appear in a music video! Sadly they refused, so Tess and I cut some holes in sheets, grabbed my giant teddy bear dog for protection and spent the afternoon trying to reenact a tour of the haunted house on Ormond St. and some of its ghostly guests! Happy Halloween!

In Flames is out now via Dare to Care Records. Watch the clip for "Sweet Dreams" below.