Kandle "Not Up to Me" (video)

Kandle 'Not Up to Me' (video)
The latest video from Kandle is intended as an empowering message for girls. It's for the song "Not Up to Me" from the recent debut album In Flames.

Directed by Natalie Rae Robison, the clip for this dramatic folk-noir number is a cinematic, slow-motion depiction of a woman's harrowing emotional struggles.

"This is the story of a girl who's slipping into darkness," Kandle said in a statement. "Many young females today deal with so much emotional and physical abuse. However, whether it is from fear or insecurity, some girls don't feel they deserve the love and assistance they need to get back on their feet. I've been that girl, I've fought for that girl, and I can prove it is possible to find light at the end of the tunnel."